National Student Advertising Competition

2017-09-06 09_47_49-NSAC2015_TEAM132_FinalPlansBook.pdf.png

When I was in my final semester of college I was lucky enough to be part of a team that competed in the National Student Advertising Competition from the American Advertising Federation. During the spring semester, me and my team researched, created, and executed a strategic advertising, marketing, and media campaign for that year’s client, Pizza Hut. The prompt we were given was as follows:

1.       Position Pizza Hut as the top choice for customers who order pizza digitally

2.       Provide the greatest digital ordering experience in the category

3.       Reach the target of 75 percent of all orders done online/mobile by the end of 2015

In order to best tackle the client’s campaign requests, our team broke off into sections that we felt best highlighted our talents within the campaign. While we all took part in the initial research stage (including surveys, focus groups, and interviews), we split off into the following teams: Account Planning, Creative, Brand Activation, Production, and Media. I was part of the production team, along with 3 other team members. Our job was to create the campaign book that our campaign would be showcased in, as well as any presentation materials we needed for the competition’s presentation day.

Working closely together, we created a unique design for our campaign book that captured the digital theme of the original prompt without taking away from the Pizza Hut brand.

Our team’s creative idea centered on ordering the pizza via electronic devices, and we used comedy as a device to highlight the ordering process without boring the audience. When we presented this campaign to the judges in New York City at the end of the semester, we were awarded with 4th place overall.  

To view our campaign book, you can download the pdf here.

Our creative team also show video commercials for our creative, which you can view below.



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