Lunar Mind & Body Logo


This summer I was given the opportunity to design a logo for a new Life and Wellness coach at Lunar Mind & Body. The founder, Jennifer Rought, named her company Lunar Mind & Body because the moon goes through phases and changes much like people do, and her business deal directly with reaching goals, breaking habits, and nourishing body your life and your mind.

The design I came up with for Jennifer was a simple circle showing the beginning of a moon cycle, highlighting the subtlety of change. Using the font Morsal, I created a logo that resonates with the idea of nourishing your life in a simple way that’s best for you. When it came to color scheme, we worked with greys, teals, blacks, and midnight blue. When it came down to choosing a single color for the end product, Jennifer found that midnight blue “seems to pop more and looks more professional”, an opinion I wholeheartedly agreed with. The stark contrast of the blue against the white background works perfectly to allow the logo to resonate better with the public.

This logo was a very fun project, and I really enjoyed working with someone who was just starting their company. I was able to work directly with Jennifer to create her exact vision for Lunar Mind & Body, and we both came out of the project happy with the end result.

Sarah diGiovannaComment