About Me

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Hello! You've reached the portion of my website where I tell you about myself. Welcome!

I'll start with the fact that I've always been a visual learner, from math to physics to english, and have always preferred using visual tools to educate myself. 

When I went to college I found out there's a career for that: graphic design.

I was lucky enough to go through an amazing educational program at Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications. By graduating as an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a Bachelor's Degree, I was able to apply my skills in graphic design using the research and background I had learned from obtaining my degree.

From a logo to a full advertisement campaign book, I've experienced almost every type of project a graphic designer can. 

And I love them all.

Each task I'm given is it's own research project, it's own special piece of marketing that has goals of influence and purpose for existence. And I'm here to make it succeed in doing so in the most aestetically pleasing way possible. 

Or, as some of my peers refer to it,"making it look pretty".